5 reasons to choose wall panels


Is your bathroom in need of a desperate revamp?

Are you dreading that inevitable mess that comes along with a renovation?

If your shower to people ratio in the house is limited, can you really put up with a slow tiler who seems to have no sense of urgency?

Updating your bathroom or shower isn’t just time consuming, it can also end up pretty damn costly. Prices can often exceed the thousands depending on the size of the room and the tiles you have chosen. According to the online marketplace that connects homeowners and tradesmen, the going rate per square meter for wall tiling is $60 but can range from anywhere between $30-$120!


An alternative to wall tiles that is becoming increasingly popular among tradesmen, builders, property developers and homeowners alike, is wet wall and ceiling panels: which are extremely easy to install, as well as being more time effective than tiling. This will make a huge difference to your bill!

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Just in case you still have your doubts, we’ve put together a list of benefits of bathroom and shower wall panels to help you decide!

1. Installation

One of the most significant benefits of wet wall panels is that they’re quick and easy to install. To keep labor costs down even further, you can fix the panels to the wall and create outstanding results yourself!

With the right tools and your choice of trims, you can finish the job in no time! however, we do advise that you read the instructions carefully and/or consult a professional to make the most out of your wet walls.

If you decide to assign the job to a professional, you’ll benefit in huge savings in labor costs compared to a laborious tiling job.


2. Perfect match

Another benefit of bathroom and wall panels, is that you can fit them over most surfaces. For example, if your current bathroom is tiled, and you’ve decided to go ahead with bathroom and wet wall panels, there’s no stress about stripping out the old tiles before you can start fitting the panels. In most cases, the panels can simply be laid on top of the existing tiles, saving on the strip out and new install of tiles. This results in less mess and no extra cost!

If you’re doing an old property up and plastering isn’t one of your strongest skills, bathroom and shower wall panels are the ideal product to cover any imperfections in your walls!

3. Grout

Wet Wall Panels completely eliminate the need for any grout on the walls of your bathroom. This in turn eliminates the risk of any mould! The panels are also 100% waterproof and extremely hygienic, making them ideal for bathrooms and wet areas.

We also highly recommend wall panels for kitchen areas as they keep your kitchen safe form food and water splash-backs. This also means commercial properties can take advantage from this hygienic system, especially schools, care homes and food outlets.

4. Low maintenance & long lasting

Mr Wet Wall panels are extremely durable whilst tiles are most likely to scratch or break when something heavy falls on them.

Wet Wall Panels can just be washed with warm soapy water, rather than scrubbing with harsh chemicals or bleaches!


If you prefer the look of tiling you can custom decorate your bathroom with a panel that looks just like tiles! They come in a variety of styles and colours, with the benefits of a panel.

5. Insulation

Last but certainly not least, Wet Wall Panels provide insulation within your bathroom, reducing energy costs!

If you choose a standard decorative panel. an elite decorative panel, a tile-effect panel or a marble-effect panel. each panel is 8-10mm thick. This means that when it gets cold outside, you won’t lose the heat from your heating system as quickly as you would with cold tiles.



Now it’s just a case of finding your style and choosing colours from our extensive range and turn your dated bathroom into a modern, luxurious one! It will be the talk of the town!