How to Choose the Perfect Towels For My Bathroom

When it comes to your dream bathroom, the small details can make all the difference, and towels are no exception. With a range of sizes and styles available, our guide will help you work out which ones are best for your lifestyle!

1. What gsm do I need?

An acronym for ‘grams per square metre’, gsm measures density:

  • Low gsm (500-600): Light and thin towels – ideal for travel or the gym
  • Mid gsm (600-700): Medium weight, durable and quick drying – typical for everyday use
  • High gsm (700+): Heavier, fluffier and more absorbent, but slower to dry – a luxury option

When deciding on gsm, consider how you use your towels on a weekly basis, alongside your personal preference of texture, to work out the level of density that suits you.


2. What kind of cotton is best for me?

Softness and comfort are two of the key features we often look for in a towel, so choosing the type of cotton that feels good to you is important.

Towels are available in a range of different cotton fabrics, and each one has its own set of cosy perks:

  • Egyptian cotton: Lightweight and long-lasting, known for softness, absorbency and strength
  • Pima cotton: It’s both thick and absorbent with a silky-smooth extravagance (sometimes called the ‘cashmere of cotton’)
  • Turkish cotton: A premium material that offers quality comfort and durability
  • Zero twist cotton: Non-twist fibres make it less dense than regular cotton, and softness and resilience mean it’s a perfect option for everyday use

Whether you prefer lightweight and refreshing or lavish and indulgent, you can choose the kind of cotton that fulfils your post-wash preference!

3. What size towels do I need?

The size of the towels you need depends on your lifestyle and the demands of your household.


  • Face cloth: Small square towel, typically 30cm2
  • Guest towel: Larger than a face cloth but smaller than a hand towel, great for use in spare bathrooms
  • Hand towel: Essential everyday towel; best placed next to the basin
  • Bath towel: Most popular bathroom towel for post-bathing use
  • Bath sheet: Oversized towel for extra indulgence after a shower or bath
  • Bath mat: Thick, dense towel placed outside the bath or shower

You can mix and match a whole spectrum of sizes across many collections – play around with the pastel palette or opt for a traditional look with some gentle neutrals.

4. Choosing coloured and patterned towels


Once you’ve worked out the technical details behind your towel needs, you’re ready to pick out the colours and patterns that suit your personality and match your bathroom colour scheme!

With a rainbow of choices at your fingertips, the possibilities and combinations are never-ending:

  • Neutral and pastel towels: Perfect for a vintage-themed bathroom or to soften a contemporary scheme – shades such as ‘almond’ and ‘duck egg’ look just as gentle as they sound.
  • Bright towels: Ideal for the modern bathroom – integrating a flash of colour into your bathroom décor is a simple way to boost its look, and you can change it up at any time! With shades like ‘taxi cab yellow’ and ‘paprika’ you can add an irresistible pop of cheer.
  • Patterned towels: There’s no better way to showcase your taste than with polka dots, florals and stripes! Create a nautical atmosphere or a whimsical feel with a creative pattern – especially effective when displayed against a mono-coloured scheme.

Towels are more than just a bathroom essential – they’re a comfort, a luxury, and an avenue for you to express your sense of style. Whether you opt for rich, fluffy indulgence or light, bright quirkiness, towels are a great way to add that special touch to your bathroom.

From Egyptian cotton to zero twist and from monochromatic to patterned, bathroom towels are irresistible!