Shower leaking problems solved

Fix all kinds of shower leaks with Mr Wet Walls shower repairs Perth Western Australia

Hot showers are an essential part of every person’s daily routine. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and your shower may suddenly malfunction for several reasons, namely due to:


  • Serious shower leaks or faulty/worn out shower valve;
  • Clogged plumbing fixtures or shower handle faults;
  • Deteriorated silicone sealing;
  • Poor waterproofing
  • Failed Leaking Tile Grout & Epoxy Grout
  • Damp walls

If your broken shower isn’t fixed on time, this may lead to a cockroach infestation in your plumbing system or mould on your bathroom walls. Some plumbing issues may even extend beyond your shower and damage your home as well, so we always recommend hiring a pro for a reliable shower plumbing repair.

With MR WET WALL, shower leaking will be a thing of the past

Shower leak repairs may sound like an easy thing to perform, but this job definitely has its nuances. For instance, if your home features a regular shower, an experienced plumber is all you need to get it back on track. Mr Wet Wall can send the right specialist for your needs at a time that fits your schedule best.

Don’t re-grout or replace existing tiles, Wet Wall your bathroom for a lifetime waterproofing peace of mind.