The Best Plants for your Bathroom

There’s a trick to keeping household plants thriving in dryer climates, it’s the bathroom! The typical low light, high humidity and warmth provided by a bathroom is the perfect environment for most plants! So, if your household plants are struggling, gather them up and relocate them!

Here’s a list of some of the best plants to keep in your bathroom:


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plants love humidity and due to the humidity in the bathroom, will require very little watering. It’s also perfect to have on hand for soothing your skin in our hot Australian months! You should locate this plant by a window with indirect lighting.

Boston Fern

Boston ferns need a cool place to live with high humidity and indirect sunlight. To help this plant thrive, add some extra humidity by placing its pot on a tray of pebbles filled with water and make sure the soil stays damp! Pop this plant one of the corners of your bathroom.

Cast Iron

Cast iron plants require little maintenance or attention and they can endure changes within temperature, making them a good fit for bathrooms! Pop your cast iron plant anywhere out of direct sunlight.

Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese evergreen prefers warm temperatures and humid conditions, making it ideal for bathrooms. It’s also a plant that is super easy to keep alive! They thrive in low light or indirect sunlight, keep this in mind when giving it a home in your bathroom!

Snake Plant

Snake plants are almost impossible to kill and are flexible with their heat and water preferences. They can tolerate any type of lighting and can flourish on little water, as the humidity from the bathroom is often enough! Place these plants in the corners of your bathroom if you can!



Dieffenbachia plants love humidity and can survive in conditions with low light. Bear in mind that the soil remains moist and not wet, when watering. Place this one by a corner close to your bath or shower.

Golden Pothos

Pothos plants can with-stand low light and humid conditions. They grow beautiful tendrils that will make your bathroom feel like a jungle! Hang these plants up somewhere high!

Peace Lily

Peace lilies grow best in warm and humid conditions with minimal light, an environment that a bathroom can provide! The best location for a plant like this is next to a steamy shower or bath.



Ivies require moderate exposure to sunlight and prefers high humidity levels. It also helps to purify your air, who doesn’t want that? Ivies are vines making it ideal to hang in small bathrooms.

Potted Bamboo

Potted bamboo can grow with any amount of light, making it perfect for bathrooms! You won’t have the mess of soil or re-potting as it grows in water, simply change the water every month! You can place your Lucky Bamboo anywhere in your bathroom.

Spider Plants

Spider plants thrive in a humid and low-light environment. They can filter chemicals that are common in cleaning products. Place this plant on a high shelf, preferably away from the window and direct sunlight.

Dracaena Plant

Dracaena plants can withstand any temperature if they are not too cold, and their soil should be kept moist but never soggy. They thrive in brightly filtered light, perfect next to or in front of a sunny window!